Zig Zag Café is internationally recognized as a pioneer of the classic cocktail revival. The bar is a labor of love, envisioned by its creators as an ideal workspace that would allow bartenders to perform their craft at the highest level.  The curved bar wraps around the bartender to ensure individual attention to each guest. Bartenders have an array of fresh ingredients at their fingertips, and access to a comprehensive library of spirits and liqueurs from around the globe. We strive to offer the widest repertoire of intriguing beverages, from the time-tested favorites to the new and unique.


The menu, presented by chef Liam Spence, features innovative renditions of classic Greek fare. The inflection is pan-Mediterranean, executed with the best of the Pacific Northwest’s bounty. Chef Spence’s Greek mother nurtured his abiding love for the food and culture of Greece – his delightful version of saganaki and his lamb pastitsio are particular favorites. The kitchen uses Puget Sound oysters, Painted Hills grass-fed beef, locally raised lamb, and a rich array of Northwest produce, reflecting the changing seasons in our menu.


A low, sultry glow illuminates the dining room. The patio is verdant and breezy, perfect for a balmy summer evening. The murmur of laughter and conversation fills the room, and the house soundtrack is a notable collection of jazz, cumbia, and highlife. A place for neighbors and travelers to converge, Zig Zag is that rare treasure of an establishment that is both serious about craft and dedicated to true hospitality. Perfect for intimate evening à deux, celebratory dinner gatherings, or weeknights with a book and convivial strangers, Zig Zag offers a warm and timeless atmosphere where the conversation flows freely.  It is downtown Seattle’s corner bar, the quintessential ‘third place’ where friends are met and made.